How to Get Dishes Clean in Hard Water

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2013)

When you cook like me, you end up creating a lot of dirty dishes. I am someone who likes to make his very own crackers or ice cream. Whereas most people just buy these in the store, I make them from stratch, which means I am dirting pots, spatulas, sheet pans, etc. Which is why getting a dishwasher was a must for our household. Since I am renting the place and don’t have a place for a built in, I bought a portable dishwasher a couple years back and it’s been a huge time saver. But one of the problems we had at first was getting our dishes to come out sparkly clean. We have really hard well water. The kind of water that regularly turns our bath tub a not so beautiful rusty orange. It took a while, experimenting with different detergents to come up with a method that works for us. Now I don’t have to worry about drinking out of a cloudy glass.

We use a combination of things. The most important is Lemi Shine. Lemi Shine is a super concentrated dishwasher additive. It is vital for us to use it in every wash in order for our dishes to come out without any kind of residue on them. What we do is first fill the detergent holder half full with Lemi Shine, then we use regular detergent for the rest. We also make sure to use a rinse aid, which is most important for having spot free glasses. Also since we have hard water, we need to give our dishwasher a good cleaning. We use Lemi Shine Mc3 Machine Clean, every so often. You just pour in it and run the dishwasher empty.

Has hard water problems frustrated you as well? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. Admin,

    Awesome Blog!! 🙂 Can you email me when you have a chance, this is Angela with Lemi Shine. Thank you!!

    ~Lemi Shine Ang

  2. Sandy Kavanaugh says:

    What if you don’t have a dishwasher? We use “city water,” but it’s very hard. Our tub is a pinkish color, instead of orange, but it’s still gross.

    What would you suggest?


  3. I use The Works toilet bowl cleaner to clean the orange color out of my tub, it could work for your situation to. But only do it a little at a time with a window open.

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