When Does Fresh Figs Season Begin?

When are Figs in Seasons
(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

When are Figs in Seasons

When are Fresh Figs in Season?

First off, fresh fig season is here! Rejoice fig lovers! In my time spend working the sales floor in a small produce market I was asked many questions over and over again. One of those frequently asked questions I am going to answer today – when are fresh figs in season? First I will give you the simple answer and then I will share with you some more details. For the sake of this post I will only be dealing with fresh figs from the United States, although they are imported from Chile and New Zealand from companies like Frieda’s. Almost all the fresh figs in the U.S. come from California, with a smaller percentage coming from Arizona.

When are Fresh Figs in Season

When Does Fresh Fig Season Begin?

When Does Fresh Fig Season End?
December. Most places I know of seem to stop carrying them when fall crops arrive.

When are Fresh Figs in Season

The first of the fresh figs beginning showing up in mid-May, right before Memorial Day. The first variety on the market is the classic Black Mission. It is the standard black fig. I found that the earliest shipments aren’t as sweet, but things get better rather fast. You don’t see other varieties until later in the season. Brown Turkey are the next variety to show up, then Kadota. Calimyrna figs which in my opinion are the best tasting variety are the last to show up. You should find a steady supply of Black Mission throughout the growing season. Here is a full list of when each fig variety should be available.

Variety Availability
Black Mission mid-May to November
Brown Turkey early June to November
Kadota late June to October
Calimyrna July to September

One thing to keep in mind is that because of hot July temperatures, the amount of figs available might go down during the month. The heat tends to make the figs taste fermented. So if you see them disappear from your store and the calendar still says summer, ask the produce manager if they expect more in and the answer should be yes.

Where Can I Buy Fresh Figs
So where do you find fresh figs? I will list the sources that I know but if you have some more please leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.

The Produce Station (Ann Arbor, MI) – They have all 4 varieties throughout the year (they also sell fig trees!)
Busch’s (stores in southeastern Michigan)
Whole Foods Market (confirmed in Ann Arbor, MI)
Look for stores that carry Frieda’s produce

Online Sources
Passion Fruit Farms

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5 Replies to “When Does Fresh Figs Season Begin?”

  1. What season does the Produce Station sell fig trees in? We have been loving fresh figs this year, and I’d love to plant one–knowing how much work it will be to protect it in our climate here in Washtenaw county (Dexter).

    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    They get them in during the spring time and I know last fall they still had some remaining.

  3. Kathy Lawyer says:

    We have a fig tree (or bush I should say) here on our property in Valdosta, Ga. I’m wanting to make fig preserves this year but I’m not sure when to pick the figs to do so. Growing up my granny would always preserve and so this year I thought I’d give it a try. Thanks

  4. Sallyann kelley says:

    Since most figs come from California, where are the markets in northern california? I would like to start using figs in my recipes. Thank you.

  5. I found fresh figs in Las Vegas, NV in a market called Glazier’s although they are $8.95 per lb. They were the green variety not the dark types but ripe and very sweet. They’re were not dried or preserve. Actually fresh like they were just picked from their tree. I only saw a case of it so not sure how much longer they would carry it. Hope this helps.

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