When Will the Next Episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Air?

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2011)

Fans of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, like myself, will have to wait until June to see any new episodes. The latest I heard is that ABC plans to air the first two episodes again as reruns on Friday, May 27th from 8-10pm ET. The next episodes will begin airing on Friday, June 3rd. The last episode and most likely series finale will be air on Friday, June 24th. All of the new episodes will air at 9pm ET.

ABC decided that the ratings of the show were not good enough to air during the May sweeps period in which season finales are airing and reality show are declaring their winners. The last episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution got about 4.7 million viewers, which pales in comparison to Dancing with the Star which aired after Food Revolution and got over 16 million viewers. How disappointing!

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  1. […] Click here for an update on when the new next episode will air. I have been enjoying Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution so far this season. It has brought up the topics of pink slime and we got to see some unique burger concepts in his Revolution burgers. However it seems ABC has pulled the plug, at least temporarily on Jamie. I heard the show was going to be delayed a week for an extra hour of Dancing with the Stars. I saw the next episode appearing on my DVR schedule. So this past Tuesday evening I was ready to tune in and was looking at my DVR schedule and noticed Jamie was no longer on there. Disappointed, I run off to search online to find out why it wasn’t on. Apparently the ratings have not been good enough for ABC, so they are not showing another episode until June and that episode will air on a Friday night (the night shows go to die). This pretty guarantees there will be no season 3, at least on ABC. I would love to see Food Network pick up this show or create a similar concept. I am disappointed that more people aren’t interested in watching a show about seeing better food come to the schools and to their communities. Instead people would rather rot their brains watching a bunch of celebrities parade around the dance floor. […]

  2. […] after a long hiatus, a new episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution aired this evening. And there is a lot to talk about it from it, especially on the topic of knowing […]

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