Where to Buy Calypso Lemonade

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2014)

Where to Buy Calypso Lemonade

A “Taste of the Tropics” is what Calypso Lemonade claims to be. All their flavors contain real bites of lemon that give this lemonade a homemade feel. They have created some combination that I would never think of such as Triple Melon and Grape Berry. If you are looking at where to purchase this lemon treat, check the list below. If you know any other places to purchase Calypso, feel free to leave a comment below. Some flavors are also available from Amazon.com.

Where to Buy

Busch's (Saline MI)
Hiller's (Ann Arbor MI)
Plum Market (Michigan)
Joe's Produce (Livonia MI)
Angeli's Central Market (Iron River MI)
Oleson’s Food Stores and GJ's Party Store (Traverse City MI)
ampm (Dana Point CA)
Citgo on Main Street (Acworth GA)
Hasty Market (Hamilton Ontario Canada)
Travel March Shell Gas Station (Wisconsin Dells WI) has every flavor!
Prudskis Market (Adkins TX)
Bashas (Phoenix AZ)
Smart & Final (Phoenix AZ)
California at Raley’s and in Northern California at FoodSource for $1.69
Harding’s (Buchanan MI)
Buschemi's (New Baltimore MI)
Exon gas station (Challis ID)
Stinker Station (Idaho Falls ID)
7-Eleven (Pleasant Hill CA)
Rockdale County Conyers GA: Food Depot super market for $1.17 and at Quik Trip gas stations for $1.89.
Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe (Norman OK)
BP gas station in Atmore AL
Exxon gas station in Pensacola FL
Andy’s in Charlevoix MI
7-11 in Gainesville VA (around Heath Cote BLVD)
Kum and Go (Omaha NE)
Cashsaver in Meridian Mississippi.
University Liquor on Bullard and Cedar in Fresno CA
Jungle Jim's (Fairfield OH and Union OH)

I recently discovered Calypso Lemonade at my local Walmart store. Here is a list of what Walmart stores Calypso has been spotted at (if you found it at your store, leave a comment below telling me what location):

Saline, MI
Morristown, TN
Knoxville, TN
Memphis, TN
Prairieville, LA
Clinton, MD
Moreno Valley, CA
Natchez, MS
Grundy, VA
Phoenix, AZ
Waynesboro, VA
Prescott, AZ
Charleston, SC
Lancaster, CA
Dallas, TX
Danville, VA
Thomson, GA
Wake Forest, NC
Asheville, NC
Victorville, CA

Distributor Info
1. The Abarta Coke distributor with franchises in Cleveland, OH, Buffalo, NY, Bethlehem, PA, and Coastesville, PA distributes Calypso lemonades. So check stores in these areas that carry Coke products.
2. Maletis Beverage in Portland, OR is a distributor of Calypso products. For more info, check out their website.

Calypso Lemonade Reviews

My Calypso Lemonade reviews
Ocean Blue
Tropical Mango
Black Cherry
Triple Melon
Raspberry Pink

Interesting in making your own lemonade. Check out the recipes below.
Peach Lemonade

If you like the lemonade, you might also like Calypso Teamonade, which is a lemonade and flavored tea combination. I think they are pretty tasty as well. Leave a comment below if you have tried the Teamonade.

Calypso Pineapple Peach Limeade

Calypso now have a line of limeads with 6 different flavors. Learn more from my Where to Buy Calypso Limeade post.

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  8. TAMIR LUQMAN says:

    Hey what a terrific tasting beverage…where in Berkeley, Oakland and Modesto, California can I buy … ?

    Tamir LuQman

  9. you can also buy them at Oleson’s food stores and GJs party store, both in Traverse City, MI.

  10. I just bought mine from Citgo on Main Street in Acworth GA

  11. Bought mine at the Hasty Market in Hamilton Ontario Canada, I seem to find it everywhere in Hamilton

  12. I bought calypso at Walmart in morristown tn and this is a great tasting and wonderful drink the peach is awesome. Thanks for a great drink

  13. Found some at Prudskis market in Adkins, TX.

  14. found at walmart memphis tn. looking for some in northwest tn

  15. I love the Teamonade but I have problems finding it. I live in Northwest NJ. Anyone know where they sell this in this area ?

  16. Bill Stineman says:

    Follow Calypso on Facebook,… they monitor it everyday and answer all of your questions. facebook page is Calypso Brands

  17. Cheryl Miller says:

    I discovered Calypso at my Walmart in Ohio, but they no longer carry it. Boo! I was so excited about how delicious they were, but then they were gone. Please bring them back or tell me where else I can purchase them. thanks!

  18. I found Calypso Lemonade at the Wal-mart in Prairieville, Louisiana.

  19. Southern Peach Lemonade & Kiwi Lemonade found in Walmart (Clinton, MD.)

  20. I recently found this tea at Gelson’s Market in Pasadena, California

  21. Shelby Martin says:

    i Found Them At The Moreno Valley, Ca. Wal*Mart

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Black Cherry Lemonade! :o)

  22. Hey, I found the drinks in Natchez,Ms Walmart……I have been trying to find the drinks here in Cedar Hill, Texas.

  23. i found they at kroger peach is off the chain and blueberry

  24. I found Calypso at my local University Liquor on Bullard and Cedar in Fresno, CA. Sooo good i got the GrapeBerry Lemonade.

  25. Found 4 flavors (Black Cherry, Kiwi, Triple Melon and Ocean Blue) at Walmart in Victorville, Ca. (Bear Valley Rd). As I type, I haven’t tried it yet. A little disappointed because I waned to find the regular or raspberry lemonade flavor so I could compare it to Simply Lemonade. We’ll see how it is………

  26. In Asheville, NC you can find them at Wal-Mart and Ingles grocery stores. We have Southern Peach and I’m ADDICTED to it! It is such a difficult flavor to find here. But I’m going to ask my Ingles if they can order some for me.

  27. Bought mines at Cashsaver in Meridian,Mississippi.

  28. Found the calypso drinks at my Wal-mart in Wake Forest, NC. Wish I could find it elsewhere.

  29. Sara Campbell says:

    I have bought this lemonade at the Walmart in Thomson, GA.

  30. I saw calypso at Kum and go in Omaha NE

  31. Found the Calypso lemonade (several flavors) at a 7-11 in gainesville, VA (around Heath Cote BLVD). Very good.

  32. I buy them all the time at Andy’s in Charlevoix, MI

  33. I have found calypso lemonade at the walmart in Danville, Va

  34. I have found calypso at the BP gas station in Atmore, AL that’s by the interstate. I’ve also bought it at Exxon gas station in Pensacola, FL. It’s SO good!! My kids and I all love it!!

  35. I found Calypso at Walmart in Austin, TX and at Walgreens as well

  36. Found Black Cherry, Kiwi, Ocean Blue, Triple Melon and my favorite Southern Peach at Walmart in Dallas Texas. Love this stuff!

  37. Kimberly Brady says:

    I found Calypso in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

  38. I buy them all the time at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe in Norman, Oklahoma.

  39. In Rockdale County Conyers GA I found Calypso drinks at the Food Depot super market for $1.17 and at Quik Trip gas stations for $1.89. They are not sold at our local Wal-Mart.

  40. Jenifer Lynn says:

    A few flavors are available (I only saw Ocean Berry and Strawberry Lemonade.) in the Super Walmart in Lancaster California, down the street from Antelope Valley Mall.
    I am addicted to these things ever since I found out about them up in Lone Pine California earlier this month. Since then I’ve been on the hunt. Ridgecrest Ca is a no, as is Boron Ca. I shall continue the hunt though lol.

  41. I got original, strawberry, black cherry, ocean blue, and kiwi at a Walmart in Portland on Sandy st. They had triple melon as well, but I didn’t get it.

  42. I found mine at a Walmart in Charleston,SC. I Hope I can find it in Georgia.

  43. I found mine at the 7-Eleven in Pleasant Hill, CA. It’s just up the street from the college. Raspberry, Kiwi, Ocean Blue, Triple Melon and Grape.

  44. i found them at a exon gas station in challis Idaho and at Stinker Station in Idaho Falls Idaho

  45. I found them at Harding’s in Buchanan, MI. The Peach Lemonade is my FAVORITE!

  46. First time I found and tried them was from a Walmart in Prescott, AZ but haven’t seen them there in a while.

  47. joyce terrell says:

    we found them in waynesboro, va @ walmart. disappointed not to find them in more locations

  48. Multiple flavors of Calypso is available in California at Raley’s and in Northern California at FoodSource for $1.69

  49. you can find them at wawa stores and a plus gas stations in wilmington de and chester pa

  50. had them at Moes Southwestern Grill in Newport News, VA. Husband loves them but says there are hard to find. Not in our local Walmarts.

  51. If you live in Charlottesville,VA or go to UVA (University of Virginia) they have them on the corner at Little John’s Subs.

  52. I bought my calypso (strawberry lemonade) from Scott gas station (Hwy 82), Greenwood, MS for $1.49. Great tasting drink.

  53. I have seen them in a few convenient stores in North Austin, Tx

  54. Matt Neihart says:

    I found it at The U-Gas in High Ridge, Missouri.

  55. Ryan R Rogers says:

    At a new gas station in Conway, Ark. Great product.

  56. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks for the info!

  57. We have the triple melon here at Walmart in Yreka, California. I wish we had all the flavors! It’s very good!

  58. You can purchase at Wawa’s in Petersberg, VA

  59. Found several flavors at Menards in Montgomery, IL

  60. Jennifer jramer says:

    I found your lemonade at Tops market in Niagara Falls ny it is the best but now they do nothave it. I have looked everywhere for it. Please let me know where I can find your product in my area. Does not have to be Niagara Falls Buffalo is only twenty minute drive and your product is worth it.

  61. paula jackson says:

    I had the teamonade for the first time yesterday from a little store in Clinton MD.
    It was awesomely good, refreshing and they had it ice cold. It was delicious.
    I live in Suitland/Forestville Maryland area. Zips 20746 and 20747. The store I stopped at in clinton is a bit of distance from my home. Please tell me there is some place closer where I can get it. We have Shoppers, Price Right, Giant, Aldi and Save a Lot grocery stores in our area. Please tell me somebody in this category has it. If not whose closer than Clinton. The beverage would sell like hot cakes around here! Thanks, Paula

  62. The Wal-Mart in *LaGrange, GA* has it. They ran out of the Southern Peach VERY quickly! I wish they’d had the black cherry. I love this stuff!

  63. Steve Hammett says:

    Where can i purchase Calypso fruit drinks in Florence, SC? About 6-8 weeks ago I could find it at Food Lion and Walmart, but no longer.

  64. Just recently had strawberry addicted to it or would be if I could find it I live in MTPleasant TN and can’t find near me Kroger wall mart walgreens none oif them have it any ideas where to get it please help

  65. Gwen Smallwood says:

    Where can we buy these in Delaware. Walmart had them, but recently they are no where to be found.

  66. Friendly Express Waycross, Ga

  67. Mitchell Sloan says:

    Iv found these all a crossed central indiana, mainly at BP gas stations and at walmarts.

  68. Peach lemonade…found it at Cici’s Market in Gainesville, GA.

  69. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  70. Cindy Moore says:

    Would you be interested in selling Calypso Lemonade at Wild Waters and Silver Springs Park in Ocala, Florida. Please contact me. 912-381-5229!

  71. Eric Samuelson says:

    This is a blog review of Calypso lemonade products, not the company itself. Visit http://www.drinkcalypso.com/ for the company’s website

  72. Gypsy Girl says:

    Our local pizzeria had Calypso Lemonade for a short time. This is the best lemonade ever! I wish it was sold here in Pennsylvania. I’d buy it by the case.

  73. Amy Franklin says:

    I absolutely love the Calypso Peach Lemonade!! I live in Sevierville, Tennessee and the market where i buy it is ALWAYS out!!! Two weeks now ive been waiting on the peach lemonade to come in!!! How can i purchase by the case??

  74. Brendan Kelly says:

    Do you sell your lemonade in NJ

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