Where to Find SweeTango Apples in 2010?

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2012)

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The hot item of this upcoming fall season has got to be the SweeTango apple. It is a new apple developed at the University of Minnesota. SweeTango is a cross between a Honeycrisp (also developed at Minnesota) and a Zestar. Last year this apple was released in limited quantities, but this year they should be more widely available. The apple is said to juicy and sweet with hints of fall spices. I never found them in my area last year (Ann Arbor, MI), but I did find an apple cider that was made from SweeTango apples. This season I was able to get them from Stemilt Fruit. Click here to read what I thought of the apple.

Below you will find a list of places that I have discovered will have SweeTango apples this season. The list will grow as the season progresses. Don’t see something in your area? Leave a comment below and I will try my best to find out where you can get SweeTango. Please keep in mind this list is only listing places that are expected to have them. I can’t guarantee exact availability, which is why it’s best to call before you go.

1. Rennhack Orchards Market (3731 W Polk Rd, Hart, MI, 49420 – Phone: 231-873-7523)
2. Bakker’s Acres (2677 Setterbo Road Suttons Bay, MI 49682 – Phone: 231-271-3673 will have them at the following farmer’s markets: Glen Arbor, Traverse City, Leland, Northport, and Suttons Bay.
3. Interwater Farms (10877 US Highway 31 S Williamsburg, MI 49690-9419) are listed as a grower. Call their phone number (231) 264-8291 for availability.
4. Applewood Orchards (2998 Rodesiler Hwy. Deerfield, MI 49238) are listed as a grower. Call their phone number (517) 447-3002
for availability.
5. Husted’s Farm Market & Cider Mill (9191 West Main Street, Kalamazoo, MI) has a limited supply of SweeTango. Hurry in fast!
6. Plum Market in Ann Arbor has them as of October 5th. I saw them myself going for $2.99/lb. They also have stores in Bloomfield and West Bloomfield, so they may be there as well.

1. Safeway stores in the Bay Area will have SweeTango available starting Labor Day weekend.
2. Mollie Stone’s stores in the Bay Area will have SweeTango available starting Labor Day weekend.

1. The following Chicago area stores will have the apples in stock the weekend of September 18-19: Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Mariano’s.
2. The following Chicago area stores will have them in stock sometime after September 20th : Jewel and Meijer
3. French Market in Chicago will be sampling SweeTango on Saturday, October 2nd.

Hy-Vee stores in Council Bluffs area is reported to have them.

Hen House Market stores in Kansas are selling them for $1.69 a pound. Hurry fast, they may not last long.

1. The AppleHouse which is a part of the University of Minnesota Arboretum (located 1.5 miles west of the Arboretum entrance in Chanhassen on State Highway 5 and Rolling Acres Road).
2. Minnetonka Orchard, located at 6530 County Road 26, Minnetrista , MN 55364. Click here for their website.
3. Pepin Heights Retail Store in Lake City, Minnesota has SweeTango apples currently in stock. Click here for their website.
4. Byerly’s, Lunds, Kowalski’s and Festival Foods in the Twin Cities will have the apples starting Saturday, September 4th.
5. SuperTarget in Edina, Roseville, Richfileld, and Plymouth will have them as well.
6. Pine Tree Apple Orchard (450 Apple Orchard Road, White Bear Lake, MN) has SweeTango apples available. For more information, call 651-429-7202.
7. Kowalski’s Market in White Bear Lake, Minnesota has them.
8. Coborn’s stores throughout the state may have them in stock.
9. HyVee stores in Rochester, MN may have them in stock.
10. Center Creek Orchard (Located 8 miles south east of Fairmont MN) has SweeTango as of September 10th. Their phone number is (507) 773-4547.
11. Rainbow Foods stores in NE Minneapolis are reported to have them.
12. Whole Foods in St. Paul is reported to have them.

1. Dierbergs stores in the St. Louis area have received shipments of SweeTango.
2. Hen House Market stores in Missouri are selling them for $1.69 a pound. Hurry fast, they may not last long.
3. Price Chopper in Kansas City may have them in stock.

Hy-Vee stores in the Omaha area are reported to have them.

New York
1. Zingler Farms will have SweeTango at East Aurora Farmers Market
2. Whittier Fruit Farm will have SweeTango at their farm market (219 Whitter Road, Rochester, NY) as well as any farmer’s market they sell at. Click here for their website.
3. Wegman stores in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

1. As of September 21st, SweeTango has arrived in Heinen’s stores.
2. In the Cleveland area, look for SweeTango in these places: Acme Fresh, Marc’s and Heinen’s

Wegmans in Erie are said to have them.

1. Wood Orchard Market (Door County, 8112 State Highway 42, Egg Harbor, WI – Phone: 920-868-2334) had them, but are now SOLD OUT for the year.
2. Brennan’s stores have received shipments of them. Check stores for availability.

1. The Bountiful Fruit Store in Wenatchee, WA will have SweeTango apples. Click here for their website.
2. Metropolitan Market locations in Seattle had them as of Labor Day weekend. Call for availability.
3. The following grocery stores in Seattle received shipments: QFC, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods. Check individual stores for availability.

Walmart in Cheyenne were reported to have them.

You can purchase SweeTango online from the Bountiful Fruit website.

Click here for my review of the SweeTango apple.
Check out my recipe for a single serving SweeTango apple cobbler.
Interested in learning more about apples?

13 Replies to “Where to Find SweeTango Apples in 2010?”

  1. Thanks for posting Eric. We’ll also be sharing information on SweeTango availability on the SweeTango Apples Facebook page. You also can follow @SweeTango on Twitter for the latest news. Looking forward to a great apple season!

  2. I live in PA and was wondering where I might be able to find them this year?

  3. I do not have any information in Pennsylvania yet, but I will post it as soon as I can find where they might be available. And I will send you an e-mail Jean.

  4. Where can we find these in Florida!

  5. I haven’t found anywhere in Florida, where they will have them yet, but I will keep on the lookout and let you know (via my blog and I will e-mail you) as soon as I know anything. I have a friend in Winter Haven, who I will have look for them too.

  6. Last year in NY Wegmans supermarkets carried the SweeTango apples. They went quick and I look forward to this year’s crop. Wegmans has stores in NY and PA and MD. I believe they also have stores in MA, VA,NJ as they are expanding, so if there is a Wegmans store in your vicinity it might be worth checking out to see if that particular store will be carrying them too.

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  10. I recently bought these apples and they were so good, I went back tot he store yesterday and they were gone and no where in the store, where else can I get them? I live in Las Vegas, Nevada

  11. What store did you find them in Las Vegas? I have heard anything about them in Nevada, so I wouldn’t know where else you can find them. They have a limited availability this year, since they are such a new variety. So unfortnately you may not be able to find them again this year. But if I hear about anywhere else in Las Vegas having them I will let you know.

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  13. Richard Keegan says:

    Wegman’s in Ocean Township, New Jersey has SweeTango apples

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