Where to Find Witch Finger Grapes in 2013

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2014)

Witch Finger Grapes

**UPDATE** I have a new list of Where to Find Witch Fingers Grapes for 2014: https://www.eatlikenoone.com/where-to-buy-witch-fingers-grapes-in-2014.htm

I have talked about many different grape varieties over the last couple years on this blog. The one I talk about today is one of the most unique. I have tried grapes of all different flavors, like the seedless Thomcord Grapes with their Concord-like flavor or the new Cotton Candy Grapes from the Grapery that actually do taste like cotton candy. Never have I experienced a grape that looks like the ones you see above. The creator of the Cotton Candy Grapethe Grapery has more than just 1 new variety up their sleeve. They have also developed a grape that looks like a witch finger. It’s an elongated red grape that looks something you would see on a Halloween decoration. My kids loved the crazy shape!

What Do Witch Finger Grapes Taste Like
They are a sweet grape that tastes much like a really good standard red grape. But what makes them special is the ratio of skin on the grape. Due to their shape there is more outer skin. This something that both my wife and I can really appreciate. They also are super crisp. They have a nice bite to them. I just love their texture.

Witch Finger Grapes

Can I Buy Witch Finger Grapes for my Halloween Party
While that would be really cool, timing just doesn’t work here. The grapes are harvested between July 20 to August 10. However if you really want them around for the end of October you could toss some in your freezer and serve them as an ice cold treat on October 31st.

Where Did I Get Witch Finger Grapes
I bought my grapes at Hiller’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I first got the Cotton Candy grapes there. I came back a few days later, but no Grapery grapes. I was scheduled to work this past Saturday morning but it didn’t happen, so I decided on a whim to return to Hiller’s. Boy was I excited when I saw both the Cotton Candy grapes and the Witch Finger grapes. They were selling for $2.99 a pound.

Where Else Can You Buy Witch Finger Grapes
**UPDATE** Click here for the 2014 store listing
This list includes stores that carry grapes from the Grapery. In parenthesis I include the stores that have confirmed to have Witch Finger grapes specifically. Contact the stores for availability. Witch Fingers are a new variety so availability is going to be limited.

If you are a grape lover like me, you will want to check out my Top 5 favorite grapes that you can grow yourself!

The Fresh Market


Sprouts Farmers Market (confirmed: Westlake Village)
Urban Radish
Berkeley Bowl
Nob Hill
Sweet Surrender in Bakersfield (confirmed)
El Rancho Market

Sprouts Farmers Market

Fresh Market stores

Fresh Market stores

Fresh Market stores

Idylwilde Farms
Big Y
Roche Bros

Fresh Market stores

Hillers (this is where I bought them!)



Sprouts Farmers Market

New Jersey
Delicious Orchards
B.F. Mazzeo Produce
Nature’s Reward Farm Market
Sickles Market

New York
Fresh Direct
Grace Market

North Carolina
Fresh Market stores

Giant Eagle Market District
Dorothy Lane Markets
Chief Markets

Iovine Brothers Produce in the Reading Terminal Market
Di Bruno Bros
Max’s Produce
Rittenhouse Market
Gentile’s Market
Tanner Brother

Central Markets
HEB Plus
Sprouts Farmers Market

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  1. those Cotton Candy grapes are the bomb! I’ m going to take a tray to my daughter’s class, IF I can get more than a lb. at at time !

  2. I’ve heard of these! SO AWESOME! If there’s anything that will help kids eat fruit it’s grapes that looks like fingers. Haha! Love it. 🙂 I’m going to search for these if I’m ever in a Lunds in the near future. Thanks for the tip Eric. Fun post!

  3. […] day. Cotton Candy grapes are only available in the month of August. Make sure you look out for Witch Finger grapes also grown by the Grapery in stores that sell the Cotton Candy […]

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