PurNatur Maple Vinegar | Whole Foods Finds

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Maple Vinegar

All like something new, now and again, right? I have been focusing more about shopping for food here at Eat Like No One Else, as those kinds of topics have been my most popular. So I am starting up a new weekly series on the blog talking about some of the best things that I have found at one of my favorite stores to shop at, Whole Foods Market. If you take some time to look around you may find some things you never knew where there. I am finding items all the time that I have never seen elsewhere. Whole Foods does sell many produce exclusive at their stores, such as Three Sisters cereal.

For the series, each week I will highlight something you is unique, tasty, a great value, etc. Let’s get right into the first selection. What happens when you take maple syrup and combine with a vinegar made from the same thing? The perfect combination of sweet rich maple syrup with the acidity of vinegar. What a brilliant idea! I love how you think at first you are just having maple syrup and that acidic bite of the vinegar hits your tongue and you realize you have met your match. I was glad to grab a bottle while it was on sale.

This vinegar is made by PurNatur, a member of the Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative. Not a whole lot of information about them.

What to Use Maple Vinegar For?
If you are in a rush and need a salad dressing (I am sure that is your worst nightmare) you can just pour on a little bit of the maple vinegar and your ready to go. Got to love a vinegar that you can use as a salad dressing all by itself. Of course you can add oil, and some salt and create for yourself a simply vinaigrette (exactly what I ate tonight). Besides dressings you can use at as a part of a marinade. Or next time you bake a ham you can use it as part of a glaze. Just add your favorite mustard. Might be the best ham you ever had! What do you think might be a good use of this vinegar?