Buying non-GMO Seeds from Seed Savers Exchange

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2013)

I am getting ready to make my seed purchase for this year’s gardening season. When selecting seeds for my home garden they are a couple of things I look for.

1. Unique varieties
I want to grow stuff that I am not going to be able to find easily in stores or at the market. I love cooked carrots, especially when you have a mix of different colors. But I only find them in a store on a rare occasion.

2. Non-GMO Seeds
We get enough GMO products in the store. I certainly don’t need to grow any. So I am careful to make sure that the seeds I buy are not genetically modified.

3. Buying Seeds from a Company That Deserves Support
I want to support a company that deserves my support. I don’t want to support a company who is associated with Monsanto either directly or indirectly. I want to support a company who is out there trying to do what’s best for the seeds and for bringing unique and heirloom varieties to the public.

Buy from the Seed Savers Exchange
These three reasons are why I am buying most of my seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange this year. They are a non-profit organization that is out to preserve diversity of seeds. They don’t sell GMO seeds. They offer many heirloom varieties. Most people might think heirloom is a buzz word used by people to sell something at a higher price, often heirloom tomatoes for example are priced higher per pound than varieties that aren’t considered heirlooms. What I like about heirlooms is that they generally are more flavorful. They are varieties that have been passed down for decades. Because they taste good. It’s not just about what produces best. If I am going to take the time and effort to grow something I want it to be out of this world amazing in taste.

More About Seed Savers
Seed Savers has a membership program that you can be a part of. If you are able to you can even save your seeds to be apart of the exchange but that’s not required for membership. You can buy seeds from them without a membership as well ((I don’t have one). They have a catalog you can view online or have mailed to your house. It’s full of awesome things. The advantage members get is they get access to even more varieties of seeds – more than you probably could imagine.

What Seeds I Am Buying This Year
Here is a list of what I plan to purchase from them this year. When the growing starts I will be covering each variety with pictures and updates on the process.

Arugula, Apollo
Bean, Climbing French OG
Brussels Sprouts, Long Island
Carrot, Dragon
Carrot, Jaune du Doubs
Corn, Golden Bantam OG
Cucumber, Holland White OG
Cucumber, Parisian Pickling OG
Lettuce, Bronze Arrowhead
Lettuce, Crisp Mint OG
Lettuce, Red Iceberg
Pea, Green Arrow OG
Squash, Long Island Cheese
Tomato, Kellogg’s Breakfast
Tomato, Speckled Roman OG