5 Days with My Food Processor: Nut & Seed Butters

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2011)

Food ProcessorThis is part four of a five part series on different ways I use my food processor. This series is a part of my month long “5 Days With My Appliances” series..

If you are a big peanut butter fan or someone looking for an alternative to peanut butter, a food processor can be of service. It is the best tool to chop up peanuts while at the same time making a creamy texture. This is a great way to have your peanut butter that way you like it – smooth or chunky the choice is yours. For those people who either can’t eat or don’t want to eat peanuts, you can also make a butter out of sunflowers seeds, almonds, or cashews, just to name a few. Having the control yourself is the real reason to do this. While doing some research for this very post, I read someone saying they thought the sunflower butter available at Trader Joe’s was too sweet. When you make it yourself, you can make it as sweet or as salty as you want it. And a food processor makes the job so easy.

Here are some recipes, I have found for different kinds of “butters”:
1. Alton Brown’s Peanut Butter
2. Basic Sunflower Seed Butter
3. Food Network Almond Butter
4. Emeril Lagasse’s Cashew Butter
5. Pumpkin Seed Butter (You could substitute squash seeds in this recipe)