5 Days with My Food Processor: Oat Flour

Food ProcessorThis is part one of a five part series on different ways I use my food processor. This series is a part of my month long “5 Days With My Appliances” series..

A food processor is a very versatile appliance. It’s something I am very glad to have now in my kitchen. I got a Cusinart model as a Christmas gift this year. And I am excited to use it for sorts of applications. The first one I am going to discuss is making my own homemade out flour. This is an idea that I got from Alton Brown of Good Eats fame. You take rolled oats and give them a spin in your food processor until it is the texture of flour. This can be used in all sorts of recipes. Alton use them to make oatmeal cookies and oat waffles. Oat Waffles This also would be good as a substitute for some or all of the AP flour in making homemade granola bars. Of course you could just buy oat flour in the store. Except that flour is going to cost you more money by the pound. I am not guaranteeing the texture will be the same and I haven’t done any side by side comparison yet, but rolled oats are a stable in my pantry, so why waste precious pantry space on something I can replicate myself. And if it’s more likely to be in your house than you are more likely to use it. Oats are something you should be using as often as you can. They are packed full of healthy nutrients. The best thing about them is they are really good for your heart. There is something to those Cheerios commercials where people are claiming to have lowered their cholesterol. So break out your food processor and break down some oats, your heart will thank you.

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