5 Days with My Slow Cooker: Pot Roast

SlowCookerThis is part three of a five part series on different ways I use my slow cooker. This series is a part of my month long “5 Days With My Appliances” series..

I could not avoid talking about pot roast in my series on uses for slow cookers. It’s the obvious choice. The funny thing about pot roasts is that they aren’t roasted at all, but braised. The reason why you would want to make pot roast in a slow cooker is because you are using cuts of beef that contain a lot of connective tissue. This needs to be broken down, so the meat will become tender. This process takes time.

MushroomBasePotRoast A lot of people make this because they can throw everything in the pot, head to work, and come home to a meal ready to eat. This is something I actually never do. My problem with throwing it all in is that after hours of cooking, your vegetables are nothing but mush. Any flavor that had on their own is long gone. That is why I always add things like potatoes and carrots in the last hour. These vegetables don’t need an entire work day to cook. If you are not going to eat within an hour of being home, then just wait until you get home, then dump in your veggies. The whole dump and go concept is all about convenience, not flavor.

Here is one of the pot roast recipes I use: Mushroom Base Pot Roast. I recommend cooking it in a cast iron dutch oven, but you could also do it in a slow cooker. You will just have to brown the meat in another cooking vessel.

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  1. Got given one of these for at Christmas, have yet to try it out. Will have to try one of your recipes.

  2. […] to have it’s full flavor still intact. This is the same point I made when I talked of making pot roast in a slow cooker. I really want to drive home with my readers to not just dump, cook, and eat. Add […]

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