A Lime That is Sweet? – Palestine Sweet Limes

Palestine Sweet Lime When someone thinks of a lime, that word sweet usually isn’t a part of the conversation. But it is for one certain variety of lime – the Palestine Sweet Lime. This lime isn’t your everyday lime. The most obvious think about this lime is that it is yellow. Limes are suppose to be green, so why is this one yellow? Actually I read that limes that are left on the trees will eventually turn yellow. The most sought after key limes are the ones that have some yellow in them. Most lime varieties are picked when they are green, but not the Palestine Sweet.

It’s easy to assume that a Palestine Sweet Lime is sweeter than other limes. This actually is not true. It’s just as sweet. Where the difference lies is that it is extremely low in acidity. There is no bite to this lime. You can actually peel and eat them just as you would any orange. Personally I am not a big fan of them. They just taste sweet to me. They do not have a strong lime flavor. The tartness of a lime is something desired when cooking with limes. But since they lack their tartness, they aren’t as effective in cooking procedures.

So what are these limes good for? They are can be a good option for those that are have trouble with the high amounts of acid that are in most citrus. I also hear that hot, humid day drinking the juice of these limes is a refreshing option.

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