Alex Guarnaschelli’s Cranberry Almond Crumble (Thanksgiving Live)

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2011)

This afternoon, I watched Food Network’s Thanksgiving Live! a show where fans could ask questions to Food Network personalities via Twitter, Facebook, commenting on their website, phone, or Skype. After the show was over, my wife and I looked over the list of recipes from the show. We wanted to try one of the recipes to review of my site. The one we choose was Alex Guarnaschelli’s Cranberry Almond Crumble. I went to the store, got the ingredients, and made it this evening for dessert. Below you will find my notes from this recipe. For the full recipe, visit Food Network’s website.

1. To give this crumble a good balance a sweet fruit, pears are used in it. Alex recommended using either Bosc or d’Anjou. I decided on the Bosc.

2. Alex uses golden syrup in this recipe. Golden syrup is boiled sugar cane juice that has been treated with acids. You can buy it in some stores and online. I didn’t want to spend the money on it right now, so I just used some honey I had on hand.

3. The almonds in this recipe are meant for the topping. She calls for sliced almonds, but I could not find them at my store in bulk and I didn’t want to fork out the money for a big bag, so I bought whole ones in bulk and chopped them up in my food processor. Not quite the same the thing, but you get the almond flavor. Now I decided to only put the almonds on half the crumble as I don’t really like them myself, but my wife does.

4. When you remove the crumble from the oven, the filling is a bit watery, however with all that pectin in the cranberries as it cools the filling firms up.

The end result was a complex, complete dessert. You had the tartness of the cranberries, the sweetness of the topping & the pears, as well as a little citrus flavor, and enough saltiness to round everything out quite nicely (and the almonds for those that like them!). A good, well thought out dish.