Asparagus Season Comes Early in Michigan (2012)

Asparagus season has begun in Michigan, thanks to a mild winter and a March heat wave. Asparagus is definitely one of those things that I prefer to buy in season and only in season. The sweetness and tenderness of in season asparagus cannot be beat. I heard “rumors” that asparagus was making it’s season debut at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market this morning. Also the Produce Station (also in Ann Arbor) is thinking they will have Michigan asparagus this coming week.

Due to the crop coming early, there is a huge need for workers to harvest the crop. Many farms in Michigan depend on workers coming from southern states to harvest the crop. However those workers typically don’t arrive to the state this early, so some farmers were concerned about getting enough help. But in a state with a high unemployment rate you would hope they would be able to find plenty of help. If you are looking for or know someone who needs some work even temporary, you should contact the State of Michigan Workforce Development Agency or check with the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board. I heard a job fair was hosted early this week in the Muskegon area.

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