Best Almond Butter for Travel

When it comes to snacking on the road – peanut butter is a common choice.It’s cheap. You can put it on things. What else is there?

Almond butter. There is almond butter.

Whether you are trying to avoid peanut butter or you just prefer the taste of almond butter, it’s a great road trip option.

Welcome to the next edition in our road trip snack series – Hit the Road Snackin

This week I want to talk about the best almond butter you can take with you on your next road trip. And it comes in an easy to distribute package. This is almond butter from Justin’s. And you’re “watching Hit the Road Snackin””!!!! (maybe I will do the TV show next year).

What You Should Know about Almond Butter

I wanted to share some good things for your body can get from Almond Butter. Here is a list taken from

  1. Healthy-Healthy Fats
  2. Source of Fiber
  3. Significant source of Vitamin E
  4. Minerals

When traveling on the road is good to have a source of all those things handy as opposed to a lot of the typical junk foods we tend to pick up on the road that don’t contain any of those good things.

Three delicious almond butters in packets that are perfect for taking on the road. They are small so they fit easily anywhere you want to store them. They are also easy to squeeze onto a cracker or right into your mouth.

Who is Justin?

Unlike Betty Crocker, Justin is a real person. He is a guy who liked to make his own nut butters. He enjoyed making up his own flavors. He ran into a problem. His roommates. They were stealing his nut butters. So he did what any reasonable person would do in that situation – he wrote his name on the jar. And he kept on doing that. Now instead of his nut butters just being in Justin’s cabinets, they are on stores shelves across the country.

Before Justin got his nut butters in stores, he started small at the Boulder Farmers’ Market in Colorado. Think about it next time you go to a farmer’s market that you may be witnessing the beginnings of what will become a nationwide business. That’s nuts!

You can’t go wrong with a classic!

Justin’s Classic Almond Butter

Let’s talk about Justin’s Classic Almond Butter. It is very nutty with a fresh almond taste that is not overly salty. Quality stuff indeed!

The squeeze packs make life on the road very easy. We can hand the packs out to the kids and they get them easily down the hatch with no mess. Look how happy my daughter in the background is about these Justin’s!

The Classic Almond Butter contains dry roasted almonds and palm oil. The palm oil that is used by Justin’s comes from a sustainable source. It’s very important to Justin’s that it does.

While you can buy Justin’s Almond Butter in jars, one thing they do offer is packages that you can squeeze out just like the little ketchup packets at your local fast food joint, only a lot bigger. This is perfect for the road. I can give a pack to a kid in the backseat and they can serve themselves. Kids love squeezing things (unfortunately it’s usually their sibling’s arm that they are squeezing).

Get some Justin’s Classic Almond Butter to your house

Maple makes it better!

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

If you want maple in your almond butter, Justin’s gives you maple. This butter is sweet and salty going on for a balance taste. Not overly sweetened, The maple sugar gave it a bit of a crunch. Compared to the Classic Almond Butter, the Maple Almond Butter has a thinner consistency but not too thin at all.

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter contains dry roasted almonds, maple sugar, palm oil, and sea salt.

Get some Justin’s Maple Almond Butter to your house

When you use real vanilla it is anything but vanilla (boring).

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

This was the family favorite right here. We love Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter. My daughter thought it tasted like chocolate. She is one wise girl as the butter contains  cocoa butter. I didn’t realize that when I gave it to her, at first was puzzled as she tried it before I did. But she was surely right.

The cocoa butter a richness to the butter that isn’t in the other flavors. The vanilla flavor is solid too.

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter contains dry roasted almonds, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, vanilla powder, palm oil, and sea salt.

Get some Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter to your house

Have you tried any of Justin’s butters? I would love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

Road Trip Story

On our cross country road trip in 2016, we got to make a pit stop in the lovely town of Gilroy, California. If you ever heard of this town you must know that it is known for it’s garlic. If you ate garlic grown in the U.S. today, then you probably ate garlic from Gilroy. There were braids of garlic like this everywhere at little shops. You also could get garlic ice cream (when in Gilroy, eat garlic ice cream!). Besides the ice cream (yes I really did eat it, it was chocolate too) the most memorable part of being there was the smell in the air. Even before we go to the exit, we could smell garlic inside of our van with the windows up. Imagine if you live thee you don’t notice it anymore, but man I sure did. I was glad to say I had the experience and I didn’t mind the smell!

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