The Best Ice Cream Scoop Ever

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

We have all heard it. And how could we miss it. Because we all scream for ice cream. When we open up a carton, we can’t wait to dig in. Problem is that can be tricky sometimes. Have you ever bend a spoon trying to get ice cream out? Or does your ice cream scoop only get a little bit out at a time. When we want ice cream, we want it out now. So we need the right tool to satisfy your screaming sweet tooth. This post is all about selecting the right ice cream scoop. I will share with you what I think the best ice cream scoop ever is!

Ice Cream Scoops to Avoid

First, let’s start with the ice cream scoop I would avoid. None of these I would consider the best ice cream scoop ever.

This disher from Oxo is a wonderful tool to have, just not for ice cream.

Sometimes you will see a scoop like this labeled as a cookie scoop. Sometimes it’s called an ice cream scoop. I like to call it a disher, thanks to Alton Brown’s influence. One of those names I would not call it is an ice cream scoop. Yes these devices will be easy to get the ice cream out of. Problem is trying to get the ice cream in them to begin with. There isn’t a good way to get the scoop down into the scoop, especially if the ice cream is on the hard side. So no, this isn’t an ice cream scoop. But they do work wonders one portioning out cookie dough so that your cookie cook evenly. Also like them for mashed potatoes. Small dishers I like to use when making truffles. For everyday use I like the Oxo model seen in the photo above.

Great ice cream scoop…if you work at Cold Stone Creamery.

You may have seen a similar device if you have ever been to Cold Stone Creamery. This spades work great for mixing in ingredients. If that is something you do at home, then by all means buy it. However for simply getting ice cream out of the container, they are too bulky to do a good job. It’s hard to dig into the ice cream. In a way, it is only slightly better than trying to scoop ice cream with a spatula.

Ice Cream Scoops to Buy

The following are ice cream scoops that you could buy and would not be bad off having. They just fall short of qualifying for the best ice cream scoop ever.

Heat from your hand is transferred to the scoop.

They have models out there that have a type of anti-freeze in the middle. It takes the heat from your hand and transfers to the scoop, helping to soften the ice cream. The scoop itself is nice shape that would make it easy to cut into the ice cream. The model from New Star would do a fine job and it is relatively cheap.

Two reasons why this type doesn’t make for the very best ice cream scoop is that, one ii is not dishwasher safe. Because of the fluid inside, you can’t expose it to the heat of the dishwasher. Two, that handle doesn’t look all the comfortable to hold.

I used to own one of these KitchenAid models.

This was the ice cream scoop I used before I got my favorite one. It is a good scoop. It gets the ice cream out. I like the red color, matches my stand mixer. It has a hole in the handle to easily hang it up. The reason I don’t have it anymore is that the metal started to flake out. They call it dishwasher safe, but I think I would have been better served washing it by hand.

The Best Ice Cream Scoop Ever

This is my all-time favorite ice cream scoop. I first saw it on Alton Brown’s Good Eats program. I then saw it in action at a friend’s son’s birthday party. I knew then I had to have it. So eventually got one and loved it. It is this wonderful model from Zyliss.

Thank you Alton Brown for introducing me this awesome ice cream scoop.

This scoop does what the KitchenAid one does, but better. It has an ergonomic handle that works well for even me a left-hander. I believe the term it fits like a glove would be appropriate here. The Zyliss scoop also digs down into the ice cream well, even when the ice cream is pretty hard. It has a hold in the handle so you can hang it up on a hook. It is all you want in an ice cream scoop.

It is said to be dishwasher safe. However I would still wash it by hand. I have seen people complaining that the metal has started flaking off on theirs. I always wash mine now by hand and never seem to have any problems.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I helped you find the ideal ice cream scooper for your household. For more posts like this one, sign up for my e-mail updates below.

For really great product recommendations, check out Alton Brown’s book, Gear for Your Kitchen. It is the most helpful book I have read on the subject. Helped me know what I needed in my kitchen and what to avoid. A great gift to someone who is getting married and will be registering for kitchen tools and gadgets.