Blumers Blueberry Cream

Blumers Blueberry Cream One of my all-time favorite fruits is blueberries. Each year I look forward to when they are in season. So when I saw that Blumers made a Blueberry Cream soda pop, I just had to try it. You do not find a lot of true blueberry carbonated beverages on the market. This drink was “created by bubbly people in Monroe, Wisconsin” (this is the saying above the logo on the bottle. The sweetener used was high fructose corn syrup.

4stars Yummy! This is the best blueberry drink I have had so far. I was concerned it was just going to taste like a cream soda with a slight hint of a berry flavor, but this really does have a strong blueberry flavor to it. It is also very creamy with a nice amount of carbonation. I was disappointed that it was gone when I drank the last drop.

Where to Buy

I purchased mine at Brennan’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin. It is also available at other stores throughout Wisconsin. I do not know if you can buy it outside the state. But you can order it online from a website that sells Wisconsin made products. Visit

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