Book Review – Homemade Soda by Andrew Schloss

If you ever thought about making your own soda pop, then I have a book that you should check out. If you haven’t thought about making your own soda pop, then I have a book that you should check out. “Homemade Soda” by IACP award winning author, Andrew Scholoss is the best book that I have found on the subject. The book contains 200 recipes including recipes for sparkling water, fruit sodas, root beers, colas, herbal sodas, fizzy juices, sparkling teas, coffees, chocolates, cream sodas, egg creams, and more.

The book is laid in a logical fashion. The author begins the book with talking about the ingredients, including an extensive section on sweeteners, including artificial ones. He also weights in on high fructose corn syrup. All the equipment you would need to make your own soda is covered as well.

The thing I like most about the book is that for most recipes he gives alternative ways to carbonate, either using seltzer water, using a soda siphon (which he teaches you how to use in the book), or the old fashion way with yeast. It gives the reader options to do whatever they feel most comfortable with. If your just starting out the seltzer water method is the best way to go. He likes how he doesn’t just say mix with seltzer water, but gives a portion of syrup to use, then you can adjust from there whether you want or less in the future. I also like that a lot of the recipes use ingredients that are easy to find with the others being things you can order online (like sassafras root for root beer).

The art, colors, and photos in the book are very well done. The photography is motivating enough to give the recipes a try. I think too once you try some of the recipes, you will be making your own flavors in no time, in which then you can pass the book along to a friend to get them inspired.

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