Book Review – The Complete Book of Garlic by Ted Jordan Meredith

Did you know that are actually different varieites of garlic? You wouldn’t know this going to the grocery store. But you would if you picked up a copy of Ted Jordan Meredith’s “The Complete Book of Garlic”. It contains the answer to all the garlic question you had and the ones you didn’t know you had. I picked this book out at my library in order to learn how to grow garlic. I found all the information I needed and am excited to see what the results will be come next summer (for more info read my post on “How to Grow Garlic“). The book also includes information on the benefits of eating garlic, the history of garlic, and a plethora of beautiful photgraphes. I recommdend just borrowing this book of your just interested in learing to grow garlic, but if you are a real garlic enthuist then it’s the book to have. “The Complete Book of Garlic” is exactly what it says it is – complete!

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