Book Review – The Ulimate Brownie Book by Bruce Weinstein

While searching the shelves of my local library, I came upon this new offering from Bruce Weinstein (at least new at my library) called the “The Ultimate Brownie Book“. My first thought is how many brownies recipes could there be. Is there enough to fill an entire book? Apparently there was. The book is packed full of recipes for slightly different takes on the classic brownie, such as malt brownies, banana brownies, and sweet potato brownies. Those that love cakey brownies will find something for them as well as for the fudgy brownie lovers. What you won’t find is pictures, minus the one on the front cover, so if you need to have a picture to go long with your recipes, then you might want to move on to another book. The book also contains recipes for blondies, icings, frostings, and drizzles.

If you are a brownie lover and are just looking for some new ideas on how to get your chocolate fix, give this book a read. Also check out my review of Bruce Weinstein’s The Ultimate Ice Cream Book.

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