Books to Give this Christmas

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2009)

Are you looking for that perfect gift for that cook in your family? Any of the following books would be a great addition to one’s food book library.

Alton Brown had a new book out this week based on the first 80 episodes of his show “Good Eats”. You can learn background information on each show. It has the recipes from each show with additional ones not used in the show. You will enjoy all the pictures from each episode, along with charts and the background given about each food. Any Good Eats fan will love this book and I think those that have never seen it can enjoy and learn from this book.

From the author who wrote “Thanksgiving 101”, Rick Rodgers has dedciated an entire book to cooking for Christmas. This is a collection of recipes and stories about anything you would want to cook this holiday season. Looking for a new twist on a classic dish this year, this book may have what your looking for.

Do you have a baker in your family? Then this is the book to have. The King Arthur Flour company has a series of books on baking. This is the most basic one. It contains a plethora of fantastic recipes. Everything from cookies to crackers to yeast breads. With this book in hand you will never run out of new recipes to try.

What about for the person that wants to learn how to bake? For them I recommend Shirley O Corriher’s book “BakeWise”. It answers all the how and why questions of baking. Shirley teaches the science of baking so that one can learn more than just how to follow a recipe. She carefully explains why she uses the ingredients she uses in each recipe.

This is a true classic. It has been around for over 75 years with several editions in print. This is the book that your grandmother used. These recipes have been time tested and updated for today’s taste. Many top TV show personalities and chefs highly recommend this book.