Boylan Soda Fountains

One of the things that I don’t like about fast foods restaurants, (which I only frequent when necessary) is that the fountain soft drinks are always the same. Most of the time I end up getting Sprite, which I am so beyond bored with. But today I discovered that Boylan Bottling Company has their own soda fountains. I found one at Zingerman’s Deli Next Door in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What a great concept! Why should Coke and Pepsi have all the soda fountain fun. With free refills available, I look forward to making a trip back just to sample all the different flavors in one sitting. Some of the flavors include orange, root beer, lemon, black cherry, and cane cola.

Here are a list of some places you can find Boylan Soda Fountains:
Zingerman’s Deli (Ann Arbor, MI)
Mendocino Farms (Los Angeles, CA)
Chop’t Creative Salad Company (Manhattan, NY)
Hill Country Chicken (New York, NY)
J Quick Kitchen (Salem, MA)
Terra Burger (Austin, TX)
Irvings Deli (Livingston, NJ)
Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (Washington, DC)
District Taco (Arlington, VA)
Chop’t (Various locations in Washington, DC)

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  1. Mendocino Farms, an immensely popular sandwich shop in Los Angeles, has these fountains as well.

  2. Also:
    District Taco in Arlington, VA
    Chop’t locations in DC area

  3. Thanks for the info!

  4. […] best soda fountain out there has to be the one featuring Boylan soda. Click here to read more about them and where some of the fountains are […]

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