Can I Use Dried Figs in Place of Fresh Figs for Stuffing

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2015)


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When are Fresh Figs in Season

Question – Why Can’t I Find Fresh Figs for My Stuffing?

I see recipes for fresh figs in stuffing or dressing. I see people at the store asking for fresh figs for their stuffing. Problem? Fresh figs are out of season in most places by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Unless you like in a climate that grows them, your chances of finding any more fresh figs anywhere are extremely remote. Their season runs mid May to October, maybe even to early November in a good year (click here to learn more about fresh fig season) Doesn’t make much sense to call for an ingredient that it out of season. The reason you might find recipes like this is a lot of Thanksgiving recipes are tested out way before the holiday when you can still find fresh figs in the store. Don’t worry you are not all out of options.

Using Dried Figs Instead of Fresh
Dried figs are easy to find year around. You usually find them two ways – packaged up in a ring or available loose in a bulk bin. Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are great places to look. I highly recommend the green figs as I think they have the best flavor – more fruity. As for using them in the stuffing just chop them up and use them as you would the fresh or any other dried fruit. Dried fruit does really well in stuffing. When you cook the stuffing the fruit will absorb some of the moisture and plumb up a bit. So not worries if you can’t go fresh, dried ones won’t cause any issues at all.