Cattleman’s Meat – Taylor, MI

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2010)

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About a month ago, I saw an ad on TV for a place called Cattleman’s. It was a basic, low-budget, no-frills ad, but what got my attention were their great deals on meat. Finally this past Saturday with a cooler in the trunk, I made the 40-minute journey to Cattleman’s on Telegraph Rd in Taylor, Michigan. And I surely was not disappointed. It is not a very large store and is divided into two sections. The section you walk into contains mainly produce, a deli, and some shelves with your pantry staples. The deli had great sale prices (such as salami for $2.99 a pound and turkey for $1.29 a pound). The second section of the store was divided off with a door because the entire meat section is at refrigerator temperature. They had massive shelves of massive cuts of meat, everything from beef tenderloin to short loin to whole New York strip steaks, to all sorts of cuts of pork and chicken. I picked out some beef tenderloin for $4.99 a pound (I made beef tenderloin steaks with this), a whole center cut pork loin for $1.79 (read my post on how I cut up this pork loin), some Italian sausage, and a huge 7-bone chuck eye roast for $1.99 a pound. They have a butcher if you wish to have the big cuts of meat custom cut. They also have meat bundles where you can get a variety of different meats for a great deal (like 43 pounds of different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken for about $90). They are also the only place I have found Frostop Orange & Creme, which is one of the best orange soda pop I have ever had.

I may try to come to this place once month for all of my meat needs for that month. For quality and price, no mega mart can beat them.
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