Cheese Review – Tillamook Monterey Jack Cheese

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2011)

Tillamook Monterey JackPrice: $4.99 for a 1 lb block
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Albertson’s (Lake Forest, CA)
Would Buy Again: Yes

Tillamook makes an excellent medium cheddar cheese. So I really wanted to give their Monterey Jack, before I left California. Tillamook is available nationwide, but the price is much lower here than it is in my home state of Michigan. I have found that most Monterey Jack cheese sold in bar form is really lacking in the flavor department. But this one is an exception. It’s a mild, but with that distinctive Jack flavor. The cheese has a nice texture to it. Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature. That seems to be especially true with Monterey Jack.

Tillamook has been in the cheese making business for over hundred years. They are one of the few companies that has found a way to produce cheese on a huge factory scale without sacrificing the flavor. Each of their cheeses have the distinctive flavor that they are suppose to, unlike most factory cheeses that seem to all taste the same.