Cheese Review: Trader Joe’s Monterey Jack

Trader Joe Jack Cheese Type: Jack
Price: $3.49 / lb
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Trader Joe’s (in Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Would Buy Again: Yes

When it comes to picking out cheese, there seems to be an endless amount of choices. Even when picking out the 8 oz block cheese that most people seem to drawn to because of their cheap price tags. Problem is most of these cheeses taste the same. With some store brands cheeses I have had troubling telling the different between the Colby and the cheddar. This should never be. But the cheese that seems to get the biggest screw job is Monterey Jack. Most of the time it is seen as a very mild cheese with no distinctive characteristic or flavor, and known for being paired with Colby to form the popular Co-Jack. Believe it or not, Jack cheese does have a distinct flavor. If you have a chance to sample genuine Colby cheese next to quality Jack cheese, you would definitely taste a difference.

So where does the Monterey Jack with the Trader Joe’s label fall? Although I don’t think it’s the best Jack cheese out there, small cheese companies and cheese mongers are making those, your taste buds can tell that you are getting a Jack cheese. My wife’s first thought about this cheese is that it tastes “Jacky”. We had this cheese shortly after having another Monterey Jack whose taste fell flat. For $3.49 a pound, it’s a price that cannot be beat.

Want to learn more about cheese? Check out the link below for a great resource.

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