Cheese Review – Trader Joe’s Raw Milk Cheddar

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2011)

Trader Joe Raw Milk CheddarType: Cheddar
Price: $4.49/lb
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Trader Joe’s (in Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Would Buy Again: Yes

When you see the word “raw milk” does it make you scared? Well it shouldn’t as raw milk cheese has to be aged for 60 days and the government believes by then anything harmful from not pasteurizing the milk will be gone. I got to try Trader Joe’s brand raw milk cheddar, not too long ago. The package indiciates the cheese has be aged for at least 4 months, twice as long as raw milk cheddar must be aged. It was a very good, mild cheddar. It’s great for just slicing and eating, or maybe enjoying with some crackers. The use of raw milk gives the cheese a little more character. It’s affordable, so if you are looking to show someone the difference between regular mild cheddar and raw milk cheddar, try picking up both the raw milk and the regular mild cheddar and do a side by side comparison.

Want to learn more about cheese? Check out the link below for a great resource.

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