Classic or Vintage Soda Sale at Cost Plus

Cost Plus Soda

Have you been looking at where to find some classic soda from when your youth? Well I stopped into Cost Plus World Market, the other night, and found they were having a sale on classic or vintage soda pop. You could get 6, 12 ounce glass bottles for $6. The normal price of each bottle is $1.29. There were many choices to choose from. Here is what I picked up (there are still more choices beyond what I got).

Old Town Root Beer Co. Root Beer
Bubble Up
Boylan Orange
Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda (they also had a 8 pack of 4 Zuberfizz flavors (2 of each one) for I think $6.99)
Pig Iron Cola

All of these carbonated delights were sweetened with pure cane sugar. I am not sure how long the sale last for but if you are looking to relive memories of carbonated refreshment from your youth, or your looking to try a blast from the past for the first time, head over to your nearest Cost Plus World Market store.

Cost Plus 6 Pack Carrier

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