Costa Mesa Farmer’s Market (at the Orange County Fairgrounds)

Market Pic 2 Last Thursday, I got a chance to visit the farmer’s market located at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. I had already made several purchases at a market earlier in the week, so I wasn’t in the market for a lot of things, just wanted to check it out (for the web site’s sake). This market is easy to access. Follow the signs to the Orange County Fairgrounds. Parking is plentiful. The market itself is easy to walk around. The vendors are arranged in a square with an abundance of walking space. The market takes place every Thursday from 9am-1pm, rain or shine.

They were plenty of great vendors there, selling citrus, potatoes, green veggies, apples grown up in the mountains, seafood, different varieties of humus, and more. Strawberries were plentiful during my visit. Purple Potatoes One of things I purchased this visit was some potatoes. But not your ordinary potatoes. I purchased some fingerling potatoes and some of the purple variety. I haven’t seen these types available at a farmer’s market before. My toddler loves the purple potatoes. They are also purple on the inside. They are good just boiled in some salty water and then smeared with butter (butter makes everything tastes great!).

Crepes Bonaparte Also nearby the market, I found several food trucks. One of them was Crepes Bonaparte. This food truck appeared on Food Network “the Great Food Truck Race”, which saw several food trucks travel from city to city, competing for the most sales. It was neat getting to see one of the trucks from that show. This is just one of several lunch options without having to leave the parking lot.

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Here is a complete list of what I purchased on Thursday, February 17, 2011:
Blood Oranges Purple potatoes
Fingerling potatoes
Sanguinello Blood Orange

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  1. […] Costa Mesa Farmer’s Market (at the Orange County Fairgrounds) Size: Medium Easy to Get To: Since it’s located at the fairgrounds there are plenty of signs leading the way. I followed the signs from I-405. Parking: Huge parking lot, so there is by no means a struggle to find a place to park. Quality: Good Additional Comments: This is a decent sized market. There is plenty of space to walk around, so you won’t feel cramped. If you shop near lunch time, you will find plenty of options for your lunch nearby. […]

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