Costco Turkey Prices 2016

Fresh Butterball Turkey 2016 Costco
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2017)
Fresh Butterball Turkey 2016 Costco
Fresh Butterball Turkeys at Costco are going for 99 cents a pound

***Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to check out the Costco turkey prices in 2016. If you are looking for the 2017 Costco Turkey prices, just head on over here.

The leaves are falling off the trees here in southeastern Michigan. That must mean one thing: it’s Thanksgiving season and its time to talk turkey. Welcome all to the 2016 edition of Costco Turkey Prices! This has become one of the most popular features on the blog each Thanksgiving. I am glad to provide you with the information again this year.

Before you head out to the story, make sure to download my Costco Thanksgiving Shopping Guide. It includes a list of what to buy along with my great recommendations.

As I did in my post last year, I have gone through my most frequently asked questions about Costco turkeys and provided the answers below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to pose them in comments section below.

My daughter excited about the Butterball Fresh Turkeys at Costco
My daughter excited about the Butterball Fresh Turkeys at Costco

What is the Cost of a turkey at Costco?
The prices for a whole turkey this year range from 99 cents a pound to $2.99 a pound.

Does Costco sell Butterball turkeys?
Yes they do. They are the cheapest option at 99 cents a pound.

Does Costco sell Fresh and/or Frozen turkeys?
For whole turkeys, Costco only has fresh turkeys. They do have frozen turkey breast. It is a Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast Roast that goes for $13.99 for 4.75 pounds of meat. That works out to $2.95 a pound. Do you prefer a fresh or frozen turkey?

Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast Roast for
Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast Roast for $13.99 for 4.75 lbs of turkey ($2.95/lb)

Why Do the Fresh Turkeys Feel Hard?
You may notice that the fresh turkey fells really cold and hard. Does that mean it got frozen? If a fresh turkey still feels hard to the touch is that a turkey can be considered fresh even if it’s temperature is as low as 26 degrees. Turkey meat doesn’t freeze at the same temperature as water, so a 26 degree turkey is still not considered frozen.

Does Costco sell Organic turkeys?
Yes. Foster Farms organic fresh turkeys are $2.99 a pound. Click here to see what makes a turkey organic.

Foster Farms Organic Turkey Costco 2016
Foster Farms Organic Turkeys are $2.99 a pound at Costco

Does Costco sell Brined turkeys?
The Butterball fresh turkeys “Contains up to 4% of a solution of Water, Salt, and Spices to enhance tenderness and juiciness.” I am not really a big fan of that. I would rather brine it myself and not have to pay extra money for added water weight. I am sure their brine is not as flavorful as one I can make myself.

To tell you the truth I have brined turkeys that were enhanced with solution in the past. I didn’t find them to be too salty, but it’s possibly you might. If you buy one of those turkeys and often they end up being on the cheaper side, so many will, then you may want to watch the salt in your brine. Or you can do what I do and try Alton Brown’s Dry Brinded turkey. It’s a great way to add tons of flavor to the bird, yet still get that crisp skin.

Does Costco ship turkeys?
No. I looked on their website and did not see any turkeys. You could order a Turducken! I will stick to just one animal, thank you.

Can your order a turkey from Costco?
You should apply to order a pre-cooked turkey, but that is no fun. They have plenty of raw turkeys I don’t think you should have to reserve one. You can always call your local store if you are concerned.

Does Costco price match turkeys?
No. Costco doesn’t have a price match policy. Sorry. However, it will  be hard to beat 99 cents a pound for a fresh turkey anyway, so a price match isn’t going to help you even if they did offer that.

Does Costco sell natural turkeys?
The term “natural” really has no meaning. There is no official government regulated meaning for that term, so anyone can use it. It only means whatever the producer wants it to mean. It has no use at all, so just ignore it. You are better off looking for terms that mean something like organic or pasture raised.

What Day/When Does Costco Carry Turkeys?
I went on Monday, November 14th. That is 10 days before Thanksgiving. I believe they must have come in stock a couple days before. Usually the weekend before the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Does Costco carry a turkey that is 14 pounds or less?
Yes. I found Butterball Fresh Turkeys that were between 12 to 13 pounds (“hen turkey”) and the Foster Organic turkeys that were between 10.75 to 12 pounds. Of course they have turkeys on the larger size as well. The larger Butterball turkeys were about 18 to 19 pounds (“tom turkey”) and the Foster were 20 to 22 pounds. There were not any options in the 13 to 18 pound range. I prefer a turkey that is 12 to 13 pounds. The larger ones take longer to cook and have a tendency to dry out for that reason. If you need more met meat do a turkey and a turkey breast or two small turkeys.

Does Costco sell heritage turkeys?
No. Just the options I mentioned. For a heritage breed you need to check with a local producer or some of the more upscale grocery stores like Whole Foods Market.

Must Have Thanksgiving Tools

As a Thanksgiving bonus, I wanted to share with you my favorite tools that will make your Thanksgiving easier. 

  1. Probe thermometer – Stick the probe in your turkey and take the guess work out of when it’s done
  2. Roasting Pan with Rack – For cooking the turkey in and finishing the gravy in
  3. Electric Knife – For carving the turkey, also good to slice bread
  4. Ricer – The secret to fluffy mashed potatoes
  5. Heating Pad – Can be used to keep food warm, especially good to wrap rolls or bread in

For all the answers to your turkey questions, check out my new e-book “Do Thanksgiving [Like No One Else|” ON SALE NOW

Have you found any other types of turkeys at Costco this year? Share your experiences in the comment section below?

For your enjoyment here are some of my favorite turkey recipes that I have features on the blog – Alton Brown’s Dry Brined | Cranberry Orange Glazed | Herb Turkey Breast

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16 Replies to “Costco Turkey Prices 2016”

  1. Steve VanGorder says:

    With regards to Butterball turkeys at Costco. I believe they have been “prebrined.” According to the Butterball Turkey hotline, +1 (800) 288-8372, all Butterballs are brined before shipping and therefore you don’t have to brine. It could make the bird too salty. That said, I will still brine mine using half the normal amount of salt in the brine mixture. I want to impose some flavor into the bird.

  2. Here in San Francisco, Costco is selling organic turkey for 3.50 a pound. Everything seems like it’s more expensive here. 🙁

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    I looked on the package and didn’t notice that it said that, but I now see that on their website. Thanks so much for pointing that out to me. I edited the post to reflect that. Have you ever tried a dry brine method?

  4. Eric Samuelson says:

    I noticed in my Whole Foods Market turkey price that the west coast prices were more for the same turkeys available in say Texas.

    What brand was the organic turkey at Costco in San Francisco? Do you know?

  5. Steve VanGorder says:

    I’ve never dry brined a Turkey. Would love some suggestions or recipes for sure!

  6. Eric Samuelson says:

    Steve, I learned the method from Alton Brown. Here is a link to my experience with his recipe –> Review of Alton Brown’s Dry Brined Turkey

    The dry brine is kind of a take on a dry aged steak. You put all your brine seasonings, your salt, peppers, herbs, etc and rub them onto the turkey. You let it sit in the fridge undercovered for 4 days max (3 days if you can’t do 4). All that flavor from the brine gets into the turkey and you don’t need all the liquid.

    I also have to mention that the turkey is butterflied too. Makes all the work up front and then the day you cook, you just put in the oven, nothing else to do. And it cooks really fast this way.

  7. Steve VanGorder says:

    Thank you Eric! Love this site already!

  8. Eric Samuelson says:

    Why thank you! I am glad you are finding it useful. If you have any other Thanksgiving related questions let me know. If I haven’t written about it yet, I will!

  9. Do the fresh turkeys come with the giblets? Ive never bought a fresh one before.

  10. Juliet Correnti says:

    I purchased a fresh Turkey at Costco in San Diego, 99c a pound! thank you for your website., very helpful.

  11. Eric Samuelson says:

    Yes, the Butterball fresh turkeys come with the giblets. The package of any turkey should say whether or not the giblets and/or neck are included. I wouldn’t want to buy a turkey without them because I make stock with the giblets overnight that I use as the base for my gravy.

  12. Eric Samuelson says:

    You are very welcome. I love to be of assistance. If you are a regular Costco shopping, make sure to check out my Costco Food Find series, where each month I recommend several products from the store.

  13. If I buy a fresh turkey from Costco a week in advance, should I stick it in the refrigerator until Thanksgiving?

  14. Eric Samuelson says:

    Yep, absolutely. It should last until then. There should be a date on the turkey as well. On the date I saw when I was in Costco on Monday, all had dates past Thanksgiving.

  15. Lin Pirretti says:

    Hi, I called Costco in Lantana, Fl. and they do not sell pre-cooked turkeys. They are pre-seasoned only. They do have frozen, pre-cooked turke breasts, though.

    I hate the prep part of the turkey as I am a vegetarian who does’t eat chicken or turkey.
    Any tips for making it less messy?

  16. Eric Samuelson says:

    That is a very good question. What do you hate specifically about the prep part?

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