Crush Lime

Crush Lime I spend most of my time reviewing glass bottled soda on this website. But today I am going to make an exception. Recently I have been noticing lime flavored Crush appearing on grocery stores shelves all over town. I had never seen that flavor of Crush before. I heard before somewhere that this flavor was available in Canada but not in the states. However it will only be available in the US for a limited time. It doesn’t indicate that on the bottle. I found that out by visiting the Crush website.

3stars So how is Crush Lime? It’s good. Not the best lime flavored soda pop I have ever had, but it’s better than most things bottled by Dr. Pepper/7Up Inc. It has a nice lime flavor, but like most plastic bottle sodas, the amount of carbonation is too high. I actually like it better when it was a little on the flat side. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Where to Buy
I am finding it at all grocery store chains in my area. If you are trying to find it in your area check the company website’s product locator. Remember this is only available for a limited time so act fast.

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