Cyber Monday Deals – Half off SodaStream (2014)

For the person that doesn’t like waiting in long lines in crowded stores after just eating a Thanksgiving feast, today might be the day for you. Or was it yesterday, or maybe tomorrow, or all week long. The terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are really getting blurred by terms being used on days that are not “Friday” or “Monday”. But let’s just forget about all that goofiness today (which is Monday) and look at some great kitchen/food related deals you can find on Amazon this year.

50% off Soda Stream
You know here at Eat Like No One Else, we are all about making things ourselves. Why buy your soda when you can make it. Amazon is offering the SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit (Black and Silver) for 50% off the normal price of $99.99, so it’s yours for $49.99. That is not a bad deal for this unit. I have never personally owned one, but has seen one in action at a friend’s house. It seems to work well.

The Perfect Carbonation
Whenever you buy soda pop in a plastic container it’s carbonation level is a mystery. Plastic does a bad job of keeping in the bubbles. Overtime carbonation will be lost through the plastic. So often they put too much carbonation into the bottle. If you get a hold of a fresher bottle, it can feel like your tongue is being burned. But if you find some bottle that has been sitting on a store shelf for months, you could open it up and have it be immediately flat. Glass bottles do a much better job sealing in the carbonation, so there is little to no loss. Or you can use a Soda Steam and add the right amount of bubbles. The unit gives you the ability to control, which normally you have no control over at the store. I like having control!

Make Your Own Flavors
My first recommendation when you get your unit is to take the syrups that come with it and toss it out with the rest of the packaging. I tried them at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond before and they were awful – think drug store brand soda awful. I would make your own recipes from scratch. Not sure how? There is an awesome book I discovered at my local library called Homemade Soda. The book gives you multiple ways to make each drink even if you don’t own a SodaStream or similar device. And all books are 30% off until the end of the day by just entering in the code “HOLIDAY30” at checkout.

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