Deep Fried Pizza Wontons

Pizza Wontons

Pizza can be done is so many ways. There is the standard pizza pie you order from the countless pizza joins across every American town. You can turn bagels into pizza (see my post on when I did this). You can eat pizza as a pocket pie or calzone. Now I am bringing you yet another way to have pizza – Pizza Wontons. And here is what you need to do to produce them:

wonton wrappers
tomato sauce
freshly shredded mozzarella cheese
oil for fying (such as canola or peanut)
pizza toppings (like pepperoni just into small pieces)

Grab a sheet pan and place on it as many wonton wrappers as you desire. In the center place a small mound of mozzarella. It’s best if you buy mozzarella in a chunk and shred it yourself as you will get a more moist cheese with a better flavor. On top of the cheese place any toppings that you like, just make them small and go light on them. Then place your finger in a bowl of water and wet the edges of the wonton wrapper. Then fold in up tightly anyway your heart desires, just make sure the inside is sealed well so nothing comes out during frying.

Heat your oil in a cast iron¬†dutch oven or electric deep fryer to 375 degrees. Drop a few wontons in a time and fry them until golden brown (this shouldn’t take more than a 1 minute). Set them on a wire rack over a sheet pan lined with paper towel or newspaper so excess oil can be drained away. Continue frying until you finish the entire batch. Serve them with warm tomato sauce for dipping.

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  1. These taste great. They are also a fun way to entertain and feed friends.

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