Electric Deep Fryer

Americans love to deep fried food. We love deep frying potatoes, shrimp, onions rings, and other sorts of things. You can do some serious deep frying at home. For those that are looking for a easier way to deep fry, try out an electric deep fryer. One of the biggest issues in deep frying food is keeping a constant temperature, an electric deep fryer is the best thing to do that. All you have to do is set the temperature and wait for the light to indicate your oil is ready. Most models are cool touch, so you won’t burn your hand if you touch the outside of the fryer during cooking.

The deep fryer I own is made by Rival. My exact model is not offered anymore, but I have had mine for over 5 years and it is still working just fine. So unless you have the bucks to spend, I would recommend going with a Rival model. They give you the bang for your buck. The only thing I didn’t like about mine is that the basket is not easy to put back together once you clean it (the handle comes over and is hard to put on). But that’s really the only negative about it. I enjoy deep frying breaded shrimp in mine (click here for my recipe). If you haven’t deep fried at home before, why not give it a try, you will enjoy it!

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