FAQ : When is Raspberry Season in Michigan?

Rowe Raspberry 2 Question: When is Raspberry season in Michigan?

Answer: There are actually two seasons of raspberries in Michigan. There are summer berries and fall berries. The summer berries are available from early July to early August. Not a lot of farms have summer berries for u-pick, so they aren’t a plentiful in the state. Fall berries begin around mid-August and can last until the first frost, usually in early October (depending on where in Michigan you are). Fall berries are more plentiful and thus easier to pick a quart. I went to Rowe’s Produce Farm in Ypsilanti in July and they were only open on Saturdays because their summer berries would be picked out in one day and it would take a week to get enough more. But by the end of August, they will have enough fall berries to be open daily for u-pick.

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