FAQ: Where to Buy Sprecher Extracts?

Sprecher Root Beer Question: Where Can I Buy Sprecher soda pop extracts or syrups (like root beer)?

Answer: If you are a big fan of Sprecher Root Beer and their other flavors, you can order extracts or syrups online and make them fresh yourself. Here are a couple websites that offer them:

1. You can buy them directly from Sprecher. You can buy four 1 gallon bottles of the extract. Click here to order.

2. The Home Brewery sells Sprecher root beer, orange dream, cream soda, and cherry cola extracts. Click here to order.

3. Northern Brewers sells Lo-cal root beer, Ravin’ Red, and Regular Root Beer extracts. Click here to order.

4. Porter House Bre Shops sells the root beer syrup for $20.99 for one gallon. Click here to order.

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