FN Star 4th of July Recipe Recap – BBQ Sauces & Veggie Sandwich

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2013)

Food Network Star In this episode of Food Network Star, they replicated an experience that Food Network chefs actually going through – doing a live show. The last 2 Thanksgivings, they have hosted Thanksgiving Live. Instead of Thanksgivng Live, the contestants showed off their skills in 4th of July Live. Now the show itself was not live to us the viewers, but for them it felt totally real. Here is my recap of the recipes seen in this episode.

Stacey’s Grilled Meats and Sauces | Print the recipe

What I love about the sauces that Stacey made was that she made two of them by using the same base but one with grilled pineapple and chipotle pepper. Her restaurant experience is really helping her here. I like dong this if I am making a big batch of tomato sauce, flavor each one up a little different. I have never grilled pineapple or any fruit before however it is on my culinary bucket list. Stacey was criticized for overcooking some of her meat, but when you have a kick butt sauce, it’s easy to forgive those things. Remember that next time you have people over for a cookout!

Chad’s Philly to Texas Grilled Veggie BBQ Sandwich | Print the recipe

Chad is known as the BBQ guy. Handing him a veggie dish was a challenge. He rose to the occassion and the panel of judges were impressed. His sandwich contains portobello caps, zucchini, and baby green onions. Portobellos help give you the feeling like your eating meat. For seasoning he used a dry rub and a sauce. The rub contained chili powder, Spanish paprika, brown sugar, ground cumin, kosher salt, ground black pepper, and cayenne. His sauce contained onion, butter, beef stock, ketchup, canned chipotle, and apple cider vinegar. Of course that same sauce would work well on any meat application. Creating your own BBQ sauce is really easy and it taste so much better than anything you buy out of a bottle. I am really all for people making more of their own contaminants and sauces (I make my own mustard!).

Let me know what you thought of the recipes in this show. Did any of them getting your mouth watering?