From Failed Loaf to Garlic Treat

I tried out a new bread recipe this week. My goal was to make a bread worthy of a sandwhich. But instead I ended up with a flat topped wonder. The bread still had a good taste, but the texture was no longer good pair with my deli ham. So what does one do with the entire loaf. I decided to turn it into garlic bread and here is how I did it.


Set your oven to broil and move the rack close to the broilers. Cut your bread into slices and place them on your favorite sheet pan (I use a slipat on my mine).¬†Brush them with melted butter. Then top them with either garlic powder or try rubbing them with garlic cloves. You may also want to add freshly grated paramean cheese or some dried herbs like oregano. Place them in the oven and carefully watch them until they are golden and brown toast, shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

So the next time your loaf doesn’t come out right, don’t throw it away, make something out of it. Garlic bread would be a good choice!

Garlic Bread

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