Frostie Orange Soda

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2010)

This is part of a series of posts on juices and unique drinks that I have come across. Everyone knows the Pepsis and Cokes of this world and many sites cover the wines and beers, but I am bringing to you the rest of the beverage world

Since 1939, Frostie soda pops have been on the market. They recently changed distributors to Intrastate Distributors Inc. in Detroit, MI. Frostie belongs to the Orca Beverage series of nostalgic drinks. I found several flavors at my local Cost Plus World Market. They encouraged you to buy several of them to form your own 6 pack as a great Christmas gift. The first flavor I tried was their orange soda. It had an orange tang that you usually don’t find in orange carbonated drinks. It was made with pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup and is caffeine, which I like.

3stars It was unique among orange soda pop. It’s not my favorite but I wouldn’t mind having it again.

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  1. This beverage can be purchased from the Old 52 General Store in Sabin, MN or online at

  2. Unfortunately Frostie Orange Soda IS made with high fructose corn syrup.. I am staring at a couple of empty bottles purchased from Nugget market right now…..

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