Future Good Eats Episodes (2011)

good_eats_logo For all those Good Eats fans, I just read on Alton Brown’s official website the topics of episodes he is working on. Expect to see these shows sometime in 2011.

Pantry Raid – Chickpeas
Chicken Pot Pie
Fish Stew
Devil’s Food/Red Velvet Cake
Bread Pudding
Dinner Rolls
Pantry Raid – Asian Noodles

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  1. Ken Masterson says:

    I watch Good Eats regularly, and have my Girlfriend’s DirectTV set to autotune Food Network (Channel 231 where we live), but we noticed that Good Eats isn’t on anymore, not even in reruns. What happened? Is it because Alton Brown (Nerd God of Cuisine) is working on more episodes? I hope so. I miss Good Eats, but at least I have 2 seasons on DVD, so that holds us over (when we’re not watching our DVDs of Full House for the thousandth time).


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