Growing Corn – Peaches & Cream at 6 Weeks

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2010)

Corn 7-24-10 On Friday, July 23rd, a strong storm hit my town, knocking down trees and power lines all over the city. The storm attracted the news from Detroit to my small little city. Many people were without power for over 24 hours (including me). Another victim of the storm was my corn crop. The strong winds caused my corn to be bent over just at the time when tassels where starting to appear at the top of some of the plants. Will the corn bounce back from the wind damge? It should as nothing was actually snapped. This is only my 2nd year growing corn and we never had this problem last year. At this point in the game it would be sad to lose any of the crop, as I am entering the pollination stage, which means the ears aren’t too far behind.

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