Growing in Containers

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2009)

We moved to a new place in June of this year.  When we arrived we found that the previous tenants had left behind a number of huge plastic pots. We found out that they owned a landscape business and those pots probably used to hold small trees and bushes. I didn’t have time to make a large garden, so I decided to take the leftover seeds we had and plant them into the containers. I didn’t look up any information on this and what plants would work, just thought , “if it works, then wonderful.” We planted green beans, cucumbers (for pickles), carrots, and tomatoes. All of them are growing well at this point. My green beans are flowering and little beans are starting to appear.  Same thing with the cucumbers. I would definitely do it again next year, probably with pole beans with a tomato cage to climb, instead of the bush beans I grew this year. 

I have also found where my “normal” garden has had tons of problems with animals eating leaves, I haven’t had any problems with my containers. They are high enough off the ground where the bunnies can’t get to them. 

So, if you life in an area where you can’t have a garden (like an apartment complex), try growing some thing in containers (be sure you have enough sun). Containers give you a chance to garden when you don’t have the space for one.