Growing Packman Broccoli – 2 Weeks After Transplant

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2010)

Packman Broccoli 2 Weeks 1

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It’s been two weeks now since I planted my Packman broccoli in my raised bed. Typically I find that plants grow slowly at first after you transplant them. It’s been two weeks, there really isn’t any significant growth yet. But I know in time that the plant will start to take off. I find that members of the cabbage family grow quickly once their leaves get large. Last year it looked like my broccoli had plenty of room but within a couple weeks it was overshadowing a nearby pepper plant. All I can do for now is watch and see what happens. I am hoping the temperatures won’t get too hot too soon, so that my broccoli won’t bolt.

Packman Broccoli 2 Weeks 2