Guy’s Cumin Roasted Carrots

Cumin Carrots
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Cumin Carrots

Ah the humble the carrot. Too often it’s just seen as something to dip into fatty ranch dressing, another ingredient for a recipe, or something to throw into a crock pot just to make your pot roast look pretty. Often the carrot plays second fiddle to many other foods. Carrots can shine on their own and I am always glad to try out a new carrot recipe that will make this veggie a star again. On a Thanksgiving episode of Guy’s Big Bite on Food Network, one of this side was roasted carrots. I have roasted carrots before so that isn’t ground breaking. What I have tried before is cooking them with cumin. Nice thought of using this spice on carrots, but it makes sense. The slightly lemon bitter tone of cumin plays nicely with the sweetness of a carrot. Here are my notes from the recipe. You can Print the recipe on Food Network’s website.

Cumin Carrots

1. I mentioned I have roasted carrots before. This method was a bit different. The carrots are roasted inside of a pouch of foil. You don’t get the browning you would if the carrots are completely exposed to the oven’s heat. You do however get all the flavors of the cumin, butter, and honey trapped inside. That I thought made the flavor wonderful.

2. Guy uses bunch carrots. A bunch will average between 6-8 carrots, from the small to medium size. While it may be nice to get the freshest carrots, it’s more economical to buy a bag of carrots, which is what I did. We just chopped them up into sticks.

3. For a little extra flavor you could buy whole cumin seeds, toast them, before turning them into a powder (I do this with my electric coffee grinder).

4. Guy says they should take 15 minutes to cook. I did cook more carrots probably that he did, I ended up going over 30 minutes. It depends a lot on how you like your carrots cooked, softer or crunchier.

Glad I tried this recipe, the cumin worked so well, cooking them in that pouch sealed in a ton of flavor. I don’t know if my kids liked them as much, I had no problem chowing them down. I am usually not a big fan of Guy’s recipes, however this one is his best I have tried before. Nice work Guy!

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