Hawaiian Punch Berry Bonkers

HP_Berry Bonkers The people at Hawaiian Punch have come up with yet another new flavor, Berry Bonkers. It is suppose to be a berry flavored fruit punch (5 % is actually really fruit juice). The berry flavor itself is artificial as it is not listed among the concentrated juice listed on the side of the bottle. I think the flavor they were going for was maybe a blackberry?

2stars After getting through the entire gallon of it, I was getting tired of it. I could not tell the difference between this flavor and some of their others. When I was drinking it I felt I wanted something that was thicker, seem to watered down, like a lot of these gallon sized versions. I would rather have their Green Berry Rush or Lemon-berry than try this flavor again.

Where to Buy
I bought this flavor at Walmart. You should be able to find it at any supermarket selling the gallon size Hawaiian Punch.

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