Horrock’s Farm Market – Lansing, MI


This is part of a series of posts on grocery stores that I have been to and would recommend to those that live in the area to check them out.

Every time I am in the Lansing area I always make sure to stop into Horrock’s. It has been around since 1959, and has two locations, one in Lansing, the other in Battle Creek. They have an excellent selection of produce, which is the main draw for me. They usually always have some sales that will blow your mind. Another thing that brings me there is their cheese. They have a huge selection of cheeses they slice and package themselves. When it comes to cheese they have everything under the sun. The prices are good too. They also have a section of dried goods (pasta, rice, etc.), bulk foods (candies, spices, dried fruits, nuts), and freshly baked bread.

Horrock’s is not just a place to go and buy food, you can also get what you need to grow your own food. They have wide variety of seeds as well as potted vegetables plants when they are in season. It’s a place I will surely visit for my gardening needs.

If you live in the area or a visiting in the area, stopping here is a must. If I lived here, I would probably be spotted there on a weekly basis.

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