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HOTLIPS Cherry Soda I look out my window today and see a dusting of white covering the ground. But just the other day I got to taste a taste I haven’t had since the summer – cherry. There are a lot of cherry sodas on the market, but most of them never get close to a real cherry. Artificial cherry flavor is the cherry flavor that dominates the carbonated market. For some people like my wife, those flavored drinks remind her of some foul tasting cough medicine that was forced down your throat every time you were sick. HOTLIPS Cherry Soda is different. It does not use any fake cherry flavor, it uses the geniune article. HOTLIPS started out as a pizzeria, who then wanted to make their own soda. Here is how they describe their cherry soda.

“This may be the most mysterious flavor of the entire portfolio, with nostalgic flavor associations and expectations at an all time high. Even with all that in play, the surprise of essential cherry taste is welcome and celebrated by cherry enthusiasts. The cane sugar for this soda is infused for months with high-quality vanilla bean, adding a buttery flavor to the complex fruit, and enhancing an inherent cola flavor. These cherries are grown in NW Oregon, in the Willamette Valley.”

5stars This how a cherry soda should be! It tastes like drinking real cherries. This is the first cherry soda that my wife sipped and actually went back for more. The light carbonation does not overwhelm the cherry flavor. The vanilla adds a little something extra without screaming out “hey there’s vanilla in here”. If you are a fan of fresh cherries but have always been turned off by the carbonated version this is the drink you need to try!

Where to Buy
You can purchase HOTLIPS Cherry Soda directly from the company. Click here to go to their website. You can buy them in singles, a 6-pack, and a case of 12.

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