HOTLIPS Pear Soda Pears are juicy and refreshing. However they aren’t the strongest tasting fruit. In fact, a lot of juice beverages use pear juice as a filler. When I got a chance to try HOTLIPS Pear Soda, I was wondering if this drink would have a strong enough flavor to please my palate. Before we get into what I think, here is how the people from HOTLIPS describe their pear creation:

“HOTLIPS PEAR Soda is sublime. An all-time favorite, Pear Soda inspires devotion and poetic proclamations from its many fans. Pear has a delicate, floral, extremely nuanced flavor with profound aroma and a light honey color. The cane sugar for this soda is infused for months with high-quality vanilla bean, enhancing the buttery flavor of the Comice Pear. These pears are grown in SW Oregon, around the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys. They are very serious about pears in that part of Oregon, and grow some of the finest in the world.”

5stars I agree with them, this drink is sublime. This company knows how to carbonate a beverage. Pear’s delicate flavor would be overwhelmed with too much carbonation, but this drink is perfectly carbonated. I do not think they could have captured the taste of a pear in a bottle any better. There isn’t many pear sodas on the market, in fact I do not even know for sure if there are any others, but I highly doubt anyone would be able to do better than HOTLIPS. If you a pear lover, this is an item you need to seek out.

Where to Buy
You can purchase HOTLIPS Pear Soda directly from the company. Click here to go to their website. You can buy them in singles, a 6-pack, and a case of 12.

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  1. Hotlips Soda is sold at my local farmer’s market every summer in the Portland, OR area. It is amazing! Their boysenberry, blackberry, and strawberry sodas are my absolute favorites, but the pear is great, too.

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