How to Grow Garlic

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2009)

The past two seasons, I have attempted to grow garlic and the results were not pleasing. The biggest mistake was when we planted it. To get the best results in growing garlic you must plant it in the fall for a harvest the following summer. Not knowing this at first, we planted it in June and ended up with little to no growth. So now it’s time to see if the third time is the charm for us. Below you will find a list of steps I will take to ensure that we will be enjoying home grown garlic next summer.

1. Plant it NOW!!! Just as you should be planting your bulb flowers now so they can establish roots, plant your garlic now so it can do the same.

2. I am growing my garlic in container. Why? Mainly because I don’t want to plant it in the ground since I don’t want to commit the space to it before I decide where I am planting next year crops. I also don’t plan on growing a lot of garlic, so the large containers I have will do just fine. The container also gives me the option of being able to move the garlic close to the house to keep it as warm as possible during the winter months. I can also bury the container in the ground and surround it with mulch it keep it nice and toasty.

3. To save money I am using soil that I used to grow cucumbers this past season. Why cucumbers? They are considered a non-allium crop where garlic is an allium crop. So by using the cucumber soil I have a less chance of having problems with diseases.

4. I purchased the garlic I am going to grow at the farmer’s market. I would not recommend buying at the grocery store as the quality will not be as good and there is no way of knowing what type of garlic you have (and yes just like apples they are numerous varieties of garlic).

So these are the steps I am going to take this week that will hopefully lead me to be enjoying some roasted garlic on fresh from the garden green beans next July.

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