How to Grow Packman Broccoli (2011)

Some things work so well they are worth repeating. That is the case with the Packman variety of broccoli. I grew it last year and was very impressive with the results. Last summer was one of the hottest ones in years. Broccoli can bolt or go to seed in hot temperatures. It likes to grow in cool weather. Packman broccoli turned out to be pretty heat resistant. I took special care to keep it watered and the plants I planted in April made it all the way through the season.

Does It Produce Side Shoots, After Central Head is Harvest?
Once the central head is gone, Packman produces a great number of side shoots. It keep doing so all the way to Halloween. Although I do think the last shoots I harvested weren’t as good as the earlier ones.

When to Plant
Broccoli can be planted when the soil is workable in the spring and any really hard frosts are over.

Starting Seeds/Transplanting Plants Outdoors
You can directly seed broccoli or transplant plants you buy or start indoors. I couldn’t find an Packman broccoli seed packets in time this year, so I just bought the first plants I could find. I planted 6 plants in my community garden plot and another 3 at home. Unfortnately, the next day we had heavy downpours and strong winds and two of the plants at home didn’t make it. So I planted some Green Golaith broccoli in their place to try out.

Expected Harvest
It should take about 55 days from transplanting until the central head will be available to harvest. I should see my first harvest right around the end of June.

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